Orange sim only deals for iphone 4s

Worked perfectly in my iPhone 6. Works perfectly. Yes it worked for my iPhone 5 and will work for any model past the 4s. It works on an iPhone 6 since that's what a family member has. Not sure for sure if it will work for iPhone 6. But if you go to their website you can check the compatibility of the phone. Yes, even 5 iphone.

Buying a SIM Card in Portugal

It will work, if your iphone has a simm port. Call Mint customer service, they are very helpful. I have always used Android so I wouldn't know. Depends on your old phone and new phone.

Phones and plans

For example if you have an old iPhone and new iPhone you could use iTunes to backup the old phone and then restore to the new iPhone. Same goes for the iCloud. Android phones I will say some similar process exists but that is an educated guess. Will this work with my unlocked iPhone se and can you call outside the US.

Which is the best Orange phone?

I live I'm mexico and want a phone to call us. This worked great! I got my phones on Straight talk. Easy to activate. One small issue I has which was my fault - I got on support chat and they fixed it real quick. Just what I wanted and works perfectly in my iPhone 6.

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Yes I had a Verizon iPhone 5c and it worked for mine. Phones do not need to be VoLTE. Three very different products from Straight Talk Wireless. My son really loves his iphone 6 and the Sim card too!! This worked perfectly for an iPhone 5S that needed a sim so it could be used as a iPod. Needed a SIM card for an unlocked iPhone 5c that my daughter uses for videos and games. I believe so I am using it in a version HTC one m8 and it works great can send pics and everything works like it should.

Yes my son has a iPhone 5c and I had to have a sim card but before you go thru all the trouble make sure you phone is compatible with the network and then you can buy the byop and it comes with the sim card. I went on a 30 day excursion and used the SIM card on my old iPhone 5s; it worked on all the counties I visited. It worked with an iPhone 7. Worked like a charm on the Verizon Iphone 6s. Skip to main content Explore sim cards for iPhones. Customer Review. Would buy this again. See what other customers said.

Great value. Works in iPhone 5 No problem. Super good deal--I love it!!! Works well for my Iphone. But if you know what you need from your contract -- are you a talker, a texter or a Web surfer? Remember though that the most important thing is that your chosen network offers a decent signal at your home, work, school or favourite haunts.

You need two things, and at least one will be expensive: an iPhone, and a phone contract. You can buy the iPhone from Apple expensive and bag a contract separately cheap , or you can buy the contract from a network expensive and bag a phone along with it cheap. In the long run, the absolute cheapest way to own an iPhone is to buy it SIM-free -- without a contract -- from Apple, then shop around for a cheap contract.

Which deal you go for depends on whether you want extra minutes, texts or data, but for us there's one clear winner: GiffGaff. You may never have heard of GiffGaff, as they save money by eschewing advertising. But the network is insanely cheap, there's no fixed contract so you're not locked into anything, and, best of all, you get unlimited data.

Yes, proper unlimited data. Only Tesco 's year-long contract for the 16GB 4S can beat that. We've compared solely on prices here, because if we start comparing how many minutes, texts or bytes of data is included in each contract our brains will dribble out of our ears. Be warned: all smart phones eat data even when you're not looking, as they check your email, social networks and apps.

If you go over your data allowance, it can seriously cost you, so even if you don't do that much browsing of the Web unlimited data is one less thing to worry about. GiffGaff and Three are the only networks to offer unlimited data all the time -- on selected tariffs. Base packages are pretty similar, but depending on what you need in the way of international text and calls, that might swing you one way or the other. You can also roam between Spain and Portugal with some, if not all, of the companies listed, for euros a day.

Hi Dave, Thanks for the super helpful post! Would the data plan you spoke of work outside Portugal? I would only be interesting in the data package. If so do you know if there is a more affordable package for more long term as opposed to month by month? All of the cell providers in Portugal will let you roam elsewhere in the EU, usually at a cost of 1 or 2 euros per day for a certain amount of data. I am arriving in Lisbon from Australia next Saturday and touring around Portugal for just over 3 weeks. I want a SIM card for texting and making calls within the country but also to text home.

But I also want some download for looking up info and maps etc. I have an iPhone 5. Will the Vodafone sim work for me?

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Most will unlock phones that are off-contract without a problem. I have a 70 minute layover between flights in Lisbon, and will likely be picked up within an hour of landing in Seville by a shuttle to go to a retreat center an hour south in the countryside. Would it be a good idea or a financially bad idea to get the SIM in Lisbon for my trip during my layover? Please help me, if possible. All we need, during the trip, is to make several calls to property holders and get internet for GPS use only. Thanks in advance, Oleg. Wifi at hotel. Any specifc advice or reccomendations for that scenario?

Nope, nothing special about this scenario. I have an Android one plus phone from China which uses T-mobile, but not really supported by them. From these posts it seems an MEO via vodaphobe is the best option. Our flight arrives at am so airport acquisition is probably out of the question.